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Dress the Part!

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What to Wear

Conservative attire is best; you need to be neatly groomed for both the fair and any interviews you attend.

Men - Dress Men- Dress Ladies - Dress Ladies - Dress



  • Clean, pressed suit (pants or skirt) and professional tie.
    • If you do not own a suit, a sports jacket is preferred, but shirt and tie are a minimum.
    • If wearing a skirt make sure it is no shorter than 2" above the knee.
  • Comfortable dress shoes.


What to Bring

BAGS ARE NOT PERMITTED! Keep this in mind as you prepare your materials. A coat check will be available but no bags of any kind will be allowed inside the venue.

  • Multiple copies of your professional resume copied on good bond paper -at least 20 lb. (resumes may be targeted to specific employers if you wish).
  • A portfolio or folder in which to carry your resumes.
  • A notebook or schedule book with a good pen to write down upcoming interviews, information sessions or other notes.
  • A positive attitude, a nice smile, and a little patience for standing in line.


Career Fair Questions: | 814-865-5131