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Bryce Jordan Center

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What to Expect at the Bryce Jordan Center


Busses to the Bryce Jordan Center (the Loops, the Links or the P) get incredibly crowded so allow for extra time.

Student Check-In

Registering at Student Check-In is required of all guests. Registration is located at gates A & B on the Concourse (level 3). Bring your student ID to expedite the process.

Coats & Bags

Coat check is available for students on the Concourse (level 3). NO BAGS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE VENUE.

Employer Locations

Employers are NOT arranged by industry or alphabetically. Download the Spring Career Days app to see booth locations and maps. Search 'Penn State Career Success' in your app store now!


Some employers will attract lines of students so be prepared to wait. Research and make note of your top employers to maximize time and avoid waiting for employers that might not be the best fit.


Recruiters bring a lot of free giveaways for students. Bags are available at Student Registration for collecting items


Many employers will ask you to interview the next day - you should get an appointment card indicating your interview date, time and place

Applying Online

Most employers that you meet at the fair will ask that you apply online. This is normal and NOT a brush-off.

Last Minute Cancellations

See a cancellation list at Gates A & B for the most up-to-date listing

Need Help?

Ask anyone in a green or blue shirt for assistance. Staff members are always located at Student Registration (level 3) and Employer Check-In (level 1).


Career Fair Questions: | 814-865-5131