Who should attend Fall Career Days?

Back to FAQ While the majority of organizations attending represent business, industry, and government, there will also be a few non-profit organizations, graduate schools, and small, independent companies.


EVERYONE! Fall Career Days should benefit all students and alumni who attend, no matter which type of position you are seeking.

Freshmen: It's not too early to familiarize yourself with Fall Career Days! Become a volunteer and get to know this event so you are not overwhelmed or caught by surprise when it matters. Learn what types of career opportunities are available before you choose a major.

Sophomores: Looking for an internship/co-op? Attend the Internship/Co-op Career Day (Sept. 18). If you're not looking for an internship, consider becoming a volunteer to get to know this event and be prepared for next year.

Juniors: Attend the Internship/Co-op Career Day (Sept. 14). If you've never attended before, review the What to Expect page and research the organizations attending in advance. Feel free to attend Non-Technical (Sept. 13) or Technical (Sept. 15) Career Days if organizations you're interested in are only attending on those days.

Seniors: Search for the career that meets your expectations and lifestyle. If you are seeking a full-time position, research the organizations attending and attend either the Non-Technical Career Day (Sept. 13) or Technical Career Day (Sept. 15).

Alumni and Non-Penn State Students: Fall Career Days is open to anyone who wishes to attend. Please visit Student Registration upon arrival to check-in. There is no cost to attend or pre-registration required.

Career Fair Questions: careerfairs@psu.edu | 814-865-5131