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30-Second Introduction

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Say "What do you guys do?" or hand them your resume and silently wait for them to start the conversation.


Impress recruiters by articulately stating who you are and why you are interested in their organization. Nothing impresses a recruiter more than when you can give reasons why they are great!

Freshmen: "My name is ____. I am a first-year student interested in learning more about your organization. My major (or intended major) is _____. What opportunities exist in your organization for students with this major?"

Sophomores/Juniors: "My name is ____. I am a sophomore, majoring in ____, and I am seeking an internship for the summer of 2012. I am interested in interning with your organization because ____."

Seniors: "My name is ____. I will be graduating in May with a degree in ____ and am seeking full-time positions focused on ____. I am interested in working with your organization because ____."

Graduate Students: "My name is ____. I am a Master/PhD graduate student in ____ field looking for a full-time/internship position. I am interested in working with your organization because ____."

As part of the job search process, many employers will require that you upload your resume online. This is NOT a brush-off! Employers also want to meet you face-to-face.


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