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Get Prepared!

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Before the Fair

  1. Register to attend the fair!
  2. Search the Employers Attending database to see who will be recruiting. Know some important aspects about an organization you are interested in so that you can articulate why you are interested in that company.
  3. Prepare your resume
  4. Prepare yourself for your conversations with recruiters
    • Pre-type out your introduction, question for recruiters and your closing remarks in a text document beforehand. This helps you avoid typos while being able to communicate quickly.
    • Unsure of what questions to ask or what they may ask you? See some samples.
  5. Be ready to interview
  6. Make sure to have a reliable internet connection


During the Fair

Remember that each conversation is timed! You have 8 mintues to make an impression.

  1. Use proper grammar and formal language!
    • Make sure you spell out all of your words, properly use punctuation, and write in full sentences, and NO slang or informal language
  2. Make sure to gather recruiter's contact information.
    • Record in a word document with notes on your conversation
    • Have to leave before you can speak with a certain recruiter?

      Drop them a note with your contact information during the fair so they can reach out to you later.

      Example: Hi _______. I am so sorry that I missed connecting with you at the fair. I am very interested in learning more about ______ organization and would love to connect with you after the after. Below is my contact information. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Stop by the Career Services booth with any questions you may have during the fair.


After the Fair

Networking does not end when the fair closes!

  1. Organize recruiter contact information somewhere safe.
  2. FOLLOW UP! Send a recrutier a thank you email after the fair to show your interest. Connect with recruiters on Linkedin to stay in contact.



Career Fair Questions: | 814-865-5131