Why attend when I can just apply online?

Back to FAQAttending is a very important FIRST step in the job search process!

Many companies require all applicants to submit a copy of their resume online, in addition to accepting the one the you hand them at the fair. Do not feel discouraged when companies tell you to apply online; it is not a brush-off. Employers do want to meet you face-to-face; submitting an online application is one extra step in connecting with the organization.

Increase your odds twofold of getting selected for an interview:

  1. At the fair, hand your resume to the recruiter and talk about your understanding about that company and your relevant experience.
  2. Within a couple of days of making contact, submit your resume online per instruction by the recruiter.

Along with your online application—be ready for anything! You can be asked to...

To better prepare your resume, go online and research the companies you are interested in approaching at the career fair.

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