Five Easy Steps to Succeed at the Fair


1. Know which day you want to attend

If you are a senior looking for a full-time position, attend Tuesday (Non-Technical Full-Time Career Day) or Thursday (Technical Full-TIme Career Day).

If you are a sophomore or junior looking for an internship or co-op, attend on Wednesday (Internship/Co-op Career Day)

If you are a first-year student, it's not too early to familiarize yourself with Fall Career Days! Become a volunteer and get to know this event so you are not overwhelmed or caught by surprise when it matters. Learn what types of career opportunities are available before you choose a major.

2. Building your top ten list

Research in advance who's coming to the fair. Sit down for a couple of hours and review online database of employer attending. Make a list of your top ten organizations, two reaons why you like them, and their booth number.

3. Bring your notes and resumes in a portfolio

Use a portfolio or folder to carry your resumes to the fair. Don't forget to bring the notes you made in step 2. Before you speak to a recruiter, review your notes, and then wow them with your 30-second intro and knowledge of their organization.

4. Practice your 30-second introduction

Practice your introduction before the fair. Not sure? Study these example on what to say.

5. Follow-up and apply online

As part of the job search process, many employers will require that you upload your resume online. This is NOT a brush-off! Just like you, many recruiters find it easier to stay organzed if resumes are in electronic format instead of paper. They have remembered you from the fair and if they asked you to apply online, then they are expecting you to do so.

When speaking with a recruiter, ask for their business card. Then, when you are finished, step to the side and write a few notes on the back of the card about your conversation. If the recruiter asked you to apply online, write this down so you don't forget!

WIthin a few days, send a follow-up email to the recruiter thanking them for their time. If you wrote down some notes, use them here and impress the recruiters with your knowledge.

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